Pragma - A Language for Building GraphQL APIs in No Time


We’re very excited to announce the first release of Pragma: An open-source domain-specific language for building GraphQL APIs by defining data models, and their associated validation/transformation, and authorization logic. Pragma takes your data model definitions, and automatically generates a fully functioning GraphQL API that you can use right away.


Building a GraphQL API isn’t a simple task. Writing a small API to create, read, update, and delete data in a database can take many hours, and lots of knowledge of the GraphQL framework and the language you’re using.

Pragma aims to simplify this process by being incredibly easy to lean, fast to work in, trivial to set up, and very easy to maintain.

What Does Pragma Offer?

Pragma offers a way to very quickly build incredibly powerful, and extensible APIs. It supports use of serverless functions written in many languages for data validation and transformation, and also in user authorization, which is built into the language. These languages include JavaScript, Python, Go, Swift, Rust, Ruby, PHP, Java, Scala, and Ballerina.

How Can I Use It?

You can visit the documentation and read the Getting Started section to install Pragma, and follow a tutorial where you get to build a basic Todo application.

How Can I Contribute?

You can help by opening GitHub issues for any bugs you come across, or opening a pull request to improve documentation. You can read the contributing section in the README to learn how to start hacking on Pragma itself. Any help is greatly appreciated.

How Do I Stay In Touch?

You can follow Pragma on Twitter @pragmalang for news. You can also join our Discord server for a chat. We’d love to talk to you guys and learn from your experiences.

We truly wish you enjoy the development experience we’re creating as much as we enjoy working on it. Happy hacking everyone!