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Build Beautiful GraphQL APIs In No Time

Pragma is an easy to learn, open-source language for building GraphQL APIs quickly, and declaratively.

Pragma code snippet
  1. 1

    Define data models

  2. 2

    Define roles and permissions

  3. 3

    Extend CRUD operations with serverless functions

  4. 4

    Extend permissions with serverless functions

  5. 5

    Start querying your server

Never Used GraphQL? Fear Not!

Getting started with Pragma does not require any prior knowledge of GraphQL

Let Pragma Be The Beginning

Who Is Pragma For?


Pragma is a perfect fit for startups. In fact, the original motivation behind it was testing new ideas in hours or days instead of weeks or months. It is designed to help you move quickly.

Indie Hackers

Pragma allows you to go from idea to implementation in minutes.
Focus on user-facing logic, and let Pragma do the server-side magic. Don't worry about having to write networking logic, nor designing the auth layer.


If you're a front-end developer, or you just don't want to deal with the toil of writing the same back-end logic for the thousandth time, Pragma is for you. Don't worry about resolvers, migrations, or authentication.

Try It Out!